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As of July 9th masks are required in Marion County when in public.  Please wear your mask to place an order, visit the restroom and while moving around the space.  You are not required to wear a mask while at your table.

Stop/Go Signs

There will be stop/go signs on each table.

  • "GO" this table has been sanitized and is ready for you.

  • "STOP" please choose another table. If none are available let a staff member know so we can sanitize the table for you.

Respect Social Distancing

When away from your table please maintain 6 ft. distance.

Cleaning & Sanitization
  • The restrooms and high touch areas will be sanitized frequently.

  • Hand sanitizer stations are avialable for all customers.

Dog Friendly

We are still dog friendly, as always please ask before you pet someone's animal.

Mug Club

For now, we will not be filling your mug club mugs. We will soon though, promise!


At this time we will not have any games available but please feel free to bring your own.

Centerpoint Brewing

Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

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